Contemporary Lyrical Choreographer

Josh will be joining me on tour at the fabulous Louie Spence Masterclass as one of my wonderful contemporary choreographers. Josh’s success started at a young age in his multi-award-winning performance of the title role in ‘Billy Elliot the Musical’ (Australia). From here, he’s gone on to perform in numerous shows and teach at some of the most popular studios around the UK.

Josh’s contemporary jazz class is designed to challenge and push dancers. The class involves technical transitions from across the room exploring different turns, kicks and jumps. It will finish with a contemporary routine bringing together technique, athleticism, dynamics, and artistry. This class is for all you gorgeous dancers looking to push yourself. Despite its challenging nature, we promise the class to have a fun and supportive atmosphere, making it the perfect training ground for anyone ready to learn!

Theatre credits: Role of Neleus in Mary Poppins The Musical – West End; Title Role in Billy Elliot the Musical (Australia); The Serpents Teeth (Sydney Opera House); LOcREaDO Dance Company; Peter Pan (NIDA Parade Theatre); Aladdin (Chelmsford Civic Theatre); Dance Captain – Aladdin (Hayes Beck Theatre); Neleus in Mary Poppins The Musical (Germany); Remembering The Movies (UK Tour); Associate Choreographer on Jack and the Beanstalk (Hastings White Rock Theatre).

Awards: Outstanding Performance in a Musical (Australian Dance Awards); Male Artist in a Leading Role in Musical Theatre – Billy Elliot the Musical (Green Room Awards); Best Male Dancer (Fast & Fresh); SOLO SEAL Award (Royal Academy of Dance).

Teaching credits: Pineapple Dance Studios; BASE Studios; Can You Dance; Louie Spence Masterclass.